bluesheep wedding referral programme!

over the years, bluesheep’s business has come mainly from word-of-mouth – happy clients who recommend bluesheep’s services to their friends, who in turn refer us to more friends. as such, it’s about time that we reward our clients and friends for helping to keep bluesheep going. so here’s our new wedding referral programme!

the idea is simple – when YOU refer your friends to bluesheep’s wedding cinematography services, YOU are rewarded with up to S$300 in cinematography, shopping or grocery vouchers for EACH couple who engages bluesheep’s team for their wedding! there’s no limit to the number of vouchers you can redeem, just as long as you keep referring new clients to bluesheep [:

we’ve not forgotten the wedding couples either. if you’ve engaged bluesheep for your wedding, you can get bluesheep vouchers to use with your wedding package… perhaps even getting your wedding cinematography entirely FREE!

so don’t take our word for it – hear from some of our satisfied clients who engaged bluesheep down through the years!

have a mehh-rry day ahead,

biz dev meh-nager

bluesheep wedding trailer

bluesheep has undergone some restructuring and we are pleased to welcome our business development meh-nager, jansen! we’ll be running a series of promotions but first, here’s the highlights of some of our recent weddings:

keen to know more about our wedding packages, do drop us an enquiry HERE!


chief meh meh

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happy 5th birthday to bluesheep – part 2!

It’s Bluesheep Productions’ 5th birthday!

To celebrate this special milestone, we will be rolling out a whole month of promotions to thank our lovely friends and fans [: Here’s our special offer for week 2 (9-16 November 2016)!


Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

Apart from enjoying our special promo rates, you can ALSO stand a chance to win our family/party video package!


Simply follow the instructions on our Facebook post!

Have an awesome mid-week ahead!


chief meh meh [:

happy 5th birthday to bluesheep!

It’s Bluesheep Productions’ 5th birthday!

To celebrate this special milestone, we will be rolling out a whole month of promotions to thank our lovely friends and fans [: To start off, we would like to introduce our slow mehh-tion video package!



Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

Apart from enjoying our special promo rates, you can ALSO stand a chance to win our slow mehh-tion package from Bluesheep!

Week 1 (1-8 November 2016):

Win a slow-mo video booth service* by liking, sharing and commenting on our Facebook post! Winner will be announced on 9 November 2016.

*Terms and conditions for slow mehh-tion giveaway:
1) Winner is entitled to a total of $1,200 worth of slow-mo videography services by Bluesheep Productions (approx. 3 hours). Any balance of services not utilised by winner will be forfeited and cannot be carried over to another engagement of service. In the event that the value of the services engaged by the winner exceeds $1,200, winner must top up the balance.
2) Winner agrees to allow Bluesheep Productions to use his/her name, videos and photographs (as Bluesheep Productions deems appropriate) for any and all of Bluesheep Productions’ advertising, promotional, publicity or commercial purposes.
3) Prize must be utilised within 6 months from the date of announcement of winner. Date of services agreed are subject to Bluesheep Productions’ availability.
4) In the event of any dispute, Bluesheep Productions reserves the right to make the final decision.


All the best and hope you win! [:


chief meh meh [:

P.S. Our sincere apologies for the lack of updates as chief meh meh has been on extended maternity leave… (yes we welcomed our very own little lamb!) So now… we are back with a blast!

zion+kaitlyn full highlights

Zion and Kaitlyn share many similarities – in addition to serving together in the church choir, they also work in a professional imaging company, and are very easy-going people who clearly bring much joy to the people around them [:

Although they were not friends of chief meh meh initially, the couple shares a bunch of mutual friends with chief meh meh and being so open, we became fast friends [:

The morning was filled with crazy antics by the groom and his brothers, and it was clearly refreshing to see a group of guys who were so gung-ho about the gatecrashing games! They took it all in their stride and made the best of the gatecrash, even to the extent of making fun of and enjoying themselves d:

The holy matrimony took a slightly more solemn turn – but it was one that was meaningful and heartfelt, with both the bride and groom shedding tears of gratitude for all that the Lord has done in their lives. Zion and Kaitlyn truly are a couple who acknowledge the presence and favour of God in their relationship [‘:

Chief meh meh really enjoyed the wedding lunch, as it was a casual buffet-style setting which allowed the guests to mingle and interact with the couple freely. When most of the guests had their tummies filled, the games began and the friends and family of the couple were able to get to share in the fun and know more about the couple! This was certainly one of the most relaxed weddings chief meh meh has attended!

Special shoutout to the couple for treating chief meh meh like a friend too – I was asked to eat as well when there was a lull in the activities, and throughout the wedding planning and editing process, I never felt like just a vendor but someone who was allowed to share in Zion and Kaitlyn’s lives [: Thank you for being so patient with me (I know the video was a long time coming and it took a while to be uploaded X: Oops!) And it’s never too late to wish both of you a blessed and blissful union!

Chief meh meh

Music: Brighter Than the Sun – Colbie Caillat (Licensed through, So In Love – The Icarus Account (Licensed through The Music Bed)

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