10 good days since bluesheep bleated her first mehhh..

it’s been a crazy time, with administrative work, meetings, shoots and edits. bluesheep averaged 3-5 hours’ sleep a night the first week, with a ton of admin work (emails to clients and potential clients, finance matters) as well as marketing (logo design, setting up the facebook page, wordpress site). in the second (half) week, bluesheep managed to get a bit more sleep *cue happy meh* but still clocked over 10 hours’ shoot and several hours editing (lost count). in fact, now i’ve got me a cuppa (chrysanthemum white) tea and a chocolate cream cheese cupcake to survive the night. 15 hours to the delivery of bluesheep’s first ministry video!

bluesheep also received her video monopod and 2 new 16gb cf cards. now we don’t need to beg, borrow or steal [: lots of money going into equipment, software (adobe production premium) and other costs, but we believe it’s a good investment if it’ll make our clients happy!

gotta get back to work.. oh and happy 11/11/11!

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