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busy but blessed!

bluesheep is amazed at how busy november is turning out to be. 2 wedding shoots for our meh meh clients, 2 freelance wedding shoots, 1 freelance pre-wedding shoot and 1 ministry shoot… God is definitely pouring out His superabundant favour on the company! not to mention meetings, follow-ups and a creative video awards seminar on saturday featuring jeremy humphries and royston tan (presented by canon). bluesheep wants to learn how to tell great stories! if there’s time, maybe we’ll take part in the creative video awards. any ideas for a 1-3 min short film? [: themes are “travel”, “party” or “kids and pets”.

exciting times!

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day 2

it’s been a really productive day for bluesheep! managed to sign up for a new bank account and fixed savings plan, so that we can keep track of how much moolah we’re making!

in addition to yesterday’s wedding confirmation, bluesheep received a confirmation for another wedding this month! thank You Jesus! we won’t have to eat grass!

bluesheep’s logo, site and facebook page have also been finalised, although the domain for the site is still not up yet (bummer). on the upside, people have been “liking” bluesheep on facebook and checking out the site – just look at the number of baas (hits) we’ve got so far (scroll to the bottom of this page)! bluesheep is very, very happy to have so many friends [:

another awesome thing: adobe production premium finally came in the mail, and is currently being installed now, so you can expect more awesomeness to come forth from bluesheep’s pages soon [:

you may have noticed that bluesheep only has one wedding video up at the moment, but once we’ve settled the sticky music copyright issues, we’ll upload more videos to the site. stay tuned!

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happy bluesheep

it’s only been a day, but bluesheep has had one wedding videography confirmation and a few enquiries about wedding videography! praise Jesus! bluesheep is a very blessed sheep indeed [:

as some technical details are still being sorted out, bluesheep’s domain is not officially up, and the site will be accessible at for now.

hope you like bluesheep’s logo [: do also show your support for bluesheep by liking the facebook page here!

blessed rest everyone!

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happy birthday bluesheep!

it’s 1/11/11 and singapore is about to welcome a new addition to the family. say hello to bluesheep!

side note: bluesheep is still waiting for acra to accept her birth registration! let’s hope it’ll be completed soon [:

update (1107): bluesheep productions is registered!

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