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feeling the love!

bluesheep just got approval from a very happy groom to publish his full highlights video! had a minor tweak to the video and it’s finally done [: thanks joseph, bluesheep is feeling the love!

’nuff said. let the video do the talking!


chief meh meh [:

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behind the humour, there are truths! [:

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overdue updates!

it’s been a busy two months for bluesheep with 3 weddings and a couple of corporate videos! do bear with this rather lengthy but exciting post [:

first up, the express highlights video of hanlong and eileen’s wedding!

and behind-the-scenes photos!

lovely embroidered slippers!

the groom and his brothers are in for a treat!

picking the right words

filling in the blanks

soy is the way to go

what do we do with extra time? take lovey-dovey shots of course!

so envious of their nice new place!

what do we do with more extra time? take fun shots!

a nice souvenir for bluesheep [:

a closer shot to see our smiles!

the couple’s helpful friend couldn’t stop spamming shots! [:

hanlong and eileen are really, really nice – and their families too! they made sure bluesheep was well fed, offering buns and milo for breakfast and even serving drinks and lunch and asking her to stop shooting for a while. hehe. bluesheep is blessed with nice clients indeed! [:

and here’s something a little different:

the shoot was a bit challenging as we had to make sure the monopod was secured tightly to a chair, and weighed down with boxes and such – the tripod didn’t allow such a high angle!

love the expressions of our quirky clients:

shoot in progress – view from the top!

quirky clients!

joining in the fun!

stay tuned for more videos! [:


chief meh meh [:

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