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lady mojo collection 2: dress me up

ladymojo’s 2nd collection!

if you haven’t seen the video for collection 1, do check it out here!

visit ladymojo to get your beauty fix [:

behind-the-scenes iphone photos from our 2 shoots:

lunch before shoot!

make up by kat midori [:

colours!! love the bright palette

mid-afternoon boost!

the funny things photographers do.

in action at ion


touch-up by kat

kat, mel and bob

12 cupcakes!


yummy red velvet [:

more updates from bluesheep soon!



chief meh meh [:

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calling off a wedding

read an article that my friend shared and it’s quite thought-provoking..

the huffington post article listed the 5 signs that you should call off your wedding:

1) you don’t get along with his family
2) you’ve dated for less than a year
3) you haven’t come to an agreement about kids, careers and other fundamental issues
4) you lack conflict resolution skills
5) your gut feeling is telling you to call it off

of course, i believe each couple’s relationship is different, but if you experience 2 or more of the above, i think it’s a good idea to at least reconsider or postpone the wedding until you’ve sorted out your issues [:

the article goes on to explain more about the list above. read more here.

wishing all couples a blessed and blissful marriage!



chief meh meh [:

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ladymojo launched!

check out bluesheep’s latest project!

it was the first time meh meh had a chance to tag along on a blogshop shoot and it was a pretty interesting experience [:


at first the skies were threatening, so we were forced to shoot indoors. thank God the rain cleared soon enough and we were able to shoot in the sun! do take a look at ladymojo‘s website if you’re interested in beach-themed accessories, as well as melissa celestine koh’s blog about the shoot [:


behind-the-scenes video coming up when bluesheep is a little less busy!



chief meh meh [:

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jj’s birthday party!

bluesheep shot a video for jj, a very blessed 4-year-old boy, earlier this year. after several months, bluesheep was finally able to publish the video after delivering the dvds last week, as jj’s parents are very busy ]: as a rule of thumb (if sheep have thumbs), bluesheep only publishes videos after delivery and/or with approval from clients [:

face painting, caricature, magic show, a huge angry birds birthday cake in an angry birds-themed party – what more could a little boy ask for? [:

it was such a joy to see jj laugh as he watched the video. seeing his face made bluesheep filled with so much contentment to have made a little boy’s day! jj’s mum was also very sweet with her compliments on the video [: truly there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve played a part in capturing memories that will last a lifetime [:

inflatable castle 1!

inflatable castle 2.. outdoors because it’s too big!

special mention to welles tan, the ambidextrous caricaturist and silhouette artist at the party. he gave bluesheep a memento from the party too!

welles at work

the whole silhouette is cut in one motion!


hope bluesheep has more opportunities to shoot birthday parties in the future! [:


chief meh meh

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