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helium-fied part 2

it’s been an eventful weekend! bluesheep shot a wedding on saturday and a blogshop collection on sunday [: really exciting stuff coming up, but before we show those, here are the last 2 helium videos from bluesheep’s party [:


after several tries, jansen finally learns the art from helium shifu.


chief meh meh joins in the fun.





chief meh meh [:

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helium-fied part 1

so, bluesheep and her guests had some fun at her 1st birthday party! what better way to capture the fun than with a video?

here’s the first 2 videos from our helium fun d: teehee!

david, one of bluesheep’s party guests, learns how to inhale helium from our helium shifu, shian wen.

helium shifu, shian wen, explains the scientific reasoning behind the effects of helium on your voice.

note: no voice alteration/editing was done and no humans were harmed in the making of this video.

disclaimer: children, do not try this at home.

photos are definitely important if you want to capture memories, but don’t forget videos! bluesheep knows you value both, so we’re bringing you our special promo (yes it’s still on!) with multifolds photography!

click here to find out how you can win! [:


chief meh meh [:

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bluesheep’s birthday photos!

photos from bluesheep’s happening baaaa-rthday party are up! here are some for your viewing pleasure [:

with melvin from multifolds! [:

beloveds from braemar drive cg!

some of the rk leaders, who blessed bluesheep with 100 helium balloons!

bluesheep’s ardent supporters [‘:

the sistle, the bro and the bfs

christine surrounded by some of the people who love her!

click here to view the whole set! [:

and, bluesheep‘s special promo with multifolds photography is still on! click here to find out how you can win!


chief meh meh [:

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how not to blow your marriage

read these two articles, and if you’re getting married soon, it might be useful to know what to avoid in your marriage [:


blessed marriage to all couples getting hitched!



chief meh meh [:

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happy 1st birthday bluesheep!

mehhhh-rry baaaaa-rthday bluesheep! [:

it’s a hap-hap-happy day for bluesheep! against the odds, she has survived 366 days (2012 was a leap year!) with many ups and downs. there were both happy and sad tears, but through it all, bluesheep has made it from a wee lamb to a real sheep (fun fact: sheep are considered adults once they hit 6-8 months of age)!

if you’d like to celebrate with bluesheep, do head on over to bluesheep’s facebook page and “like” the page! bluesheep looooves making friends!

also, as part of the birthday celebrations, bluesheep is collaborating with multifolds photography for a vehhhh-ry special promo!

win free videography+photography services! [:

so what are you waiting for? hop on over to facebooknow!

with lots of love,

chief meh meh [:

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