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jeremy and jesline’s pre-wedding

hi friends!

as promised, here is jeremy and jesline’s pre-wedding video!

the couple met up with us in march and had a request to produce a pre-wedding video in addition to their actual day video. as it was one of our first few pre-wedding video requests, we immediately jumped at the chance and it was a collaborative effort that spanned several months, with a second meeting in april and a third meeting in july before we finally had the shoot in august [:

shooting the proposal scene at east coast park (yes we feel very lightbulb-esque)

beautiful weather for the morning shoot

from the start, jeremy and jesline contributed many ideas including the reference video, and were open to the suggestions we gave them. it was very enjoyable working with them, knowing that although they had their preferences, they also gave us their utmost trust and allowed us to be as creative as we could with the scenes [:

shian wen going all out to capture the perfect shot

preparing to bust out those dance moves!

setting up the crane

yummy pies from windowsill pies – blessed by the couple!

although the pre-wedding video featured them as a couple, it was clear that jeremy and jesline were very close to their families and friends as they wanted them to be included the video. it was really sweet to witness the close bond between their families, and their friends made the shoot fun (they were very sporting even though we kept making them run around)!

there’s nothing like having close friends by your side [:

within the 14 hours, we managed to squeeze in quite a number of locations – east coast park, bukit timah saddle club, jesline’s home, jeremy’s home, lucky plaza, lavender and even the star (for church service)! it was hectic but we’re glad we managed to pull it off! we played by ear for most of the shots and we’re so happy they turned out well [: jeremy and jesline were also rather comfortable in front of the camera, so it made shooting a breeze.

praise Jesus for gorgeous, gorgeous weather!

the video was played at the start of their wedding ceremony before jesline’s walk down the aisle with her dad, allowing the guests to have a glimpse into the couple’s lives before they were united as one [:

thanks jeremy and jesline for allowing us to tell the story of your lives together!


chief meh meh [:

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mr and mrs ye’s express highlights [:

it’s barely 2 days since jeremy and jesline became man and wife, and the memories are still fresh in our minds [: chief meh meh is proud to have been part of this gorgeous AND sweet couple’s union and we’re pleased to share their express highlights video with you!

after more than a year of not editing express highlights (we usually assign it to the other meh mehs), chief meh meh decided to take up the challenge and we hope you like the end result [:

gatecrashing showed a different side to the usually quiet and reserved jeremy, but the sisters were merciful so he finally managed to receive his bride. the brothers played no small role though! chief meh meh was laughing herself silly while editing X:

we were super touched to receive a handwritten card that jeremy and jesline had prepared for us [‘:

hearts brimming with gratefulness for the love and appreciation shown by jeremy and jesline [':

hearts brimming with gratefulness for the love and appreciation shown by jeremy and jesline [‘:

thanks jeremy and jesline for being such a great couple to work with, and congrats on your marriage with Christ in the centre!

p.s. do look out for their pre-wedding video tomorrow! [:


chief meh meh [:

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blessed 1st anniversary melvyn and jocelyn!

melvyn and jocelyn’s wedding brings to mind a whole host of first experiences for me – producing a story-based pre-wedding video, watching the bride and groom dance old-school DDR, shooting a gorgeous garden wedding at burkill hall.. watching the highlights video again gave me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that bluesheep has been part of this couple’s journey to a lifetime together, and i hope that bluesheep can continue creating beautiful memories for years to come!

producing the pre-wedding video was my first real interaction with melvyn and jocelyn, despite me already knowing them as a couple (melvyn is my good friend’s brother). i enjoy shooting pre-wedding videos not just because it’s fun (though it’s tough work), but because i get to see the couple’s dynamics as they set out on a project together [: it’s so much easier to shoot the wedding day of people who are already your friends, because you know what’s close to their hearts!

hence, knowing that melvyn and jocelyn took ukelele lessons together, including their special song item (ukelele performance) in their wedding highlights was a must because it was a milestone in their journey [:

my wish is that for every couple who engages bluesheep, they can watch their wedding video during trying times and remember the commitment to each other on their wedding day [‘:

melvyn and jocelyn: congrats on your first 365 days as mr and mrs quek, and i wish you a lifetime of happy anniversaries!


chief meh meh [:

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christine’s 3rd birthday!


this is quite long overdue, but in honour of little christine’s birthday in a few hours, here’s the video of her party from last year!

mickey and minnie were a hit, as were the balloons and dora cupcakes!

just a bit of trivia: chief meh meh actually shot this on the same day as weifa and shujun’s wedding (see the previous post) last year, during the break between the morning festivities and dinner [:

enjoy the fun and laughter!



chief meh meh [:

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