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ernest and jenna’s express highlights

we had the privilege to cover the wedding of dr ernest fu and his wife jenna over the weekend! although the morning was pretty low-key with a simple gatecrashing, it was one of the really memorable weddings we had because the couple is just so so super sweet and their parents are really friendly and hospitable too [‘: even while i was rushing to edit the express highlights, they kept asking to make sure we had eaten and ernest even apologised for not preparing a spot for me to edit (he even switched the fan on for me)! despite being a doctor, he’s a very humble and friendly one!

jenna is really photogenic and i just love her laugh! i can’t think of any other adjective apart from “sweet” to describe her (so i googled and found “endearing”) but she’s just a really pleasant personality [:

the beautiful paper flowers at the start of the video were made by @thelittlemill, do check them out on instagram! [;

prior to the wedding, we had the pleasure of shooting a pre-wedding video for them and we got to know them better through the interviews. it was pretty emotional towards the end and it’s just so heartening to know they were able to be vulnerable with us [‘: will be sharing that video soon!

p.s. and because of them, i am now hooked to sushi tei! haha!


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jeremy and jesline’s wedding day – full highlights

it was not easy racking my brains, trying to figure out what i could say about jeremy and jesline. after almost a year of getting to know them, working with them and becoming friends, the best way that i can describe them is that their lives are truly reflections of God’s glory and grace.

from the start, jeremy and jesline were very sincere about making the pre-wedding video a show of God’s goodness and grace in their lives. it was one of our most exciting projects as we could really go all out with our creativity, and the journey was indeed marked by His favour – from the gorgeous weather, to the willingness of friends and family, the unspoken joy of the couple, even to the beautiful poetic text in the video. it’s such an honour to witness jeremy and jesline’s love for each other and most importantly, their passion for God, and this passion also translates into their devotion to their family and friends.

i love weddings because it’s the one day when emotions flow, where two imperfect individuals come together in a bold step of faith, to unite themselves as one in the midst of everyone dear to them. to see the laughter amidst the tears, and the trembling confession of love – it’s a privilege i get to experience at every wedding i shoot.

editing the video was not easy because i feel that the medium of video is never sufficient to capture enough of the emotions that play out in front of my lens. however, i hope my best effort will allow jeremy and jesline to look back on their wedding day with fondness and re-live at least a little bit of the joy and nervousness and surprise, even after the memories begin to fade.

if you have not, do check out their express highlights and pre-wedding video below (watch in HD!):

p.s. do check out our wedding showcase this sunday! more details here [:


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wedding showcase this sunday 23 feb 2014!

Bluesheep Productions will be participating in A Timeless Bloom wedding showcase, which will be held on 23rd February 2014 (2pm-5pm) at Village Hotel Katong!

We’ll be offering super special deals for our wedding videography and animation packages, with savings of $285 to $1,035!

Besides the high tea reception, there are many attractive prizes to be won. Other prizes include:

1) 1 Night Stay in Premier Peranakan Room inclusive of breakfast for 2 people at Village Hotel Katong (worth S$710) + complimentary pre-wedding videography service (worth S$1,900)
2) A bridal dress (worth S$1,600)
3) 1 Night Stay in Deluxe Room inclusive of breakfast for 2 people at Village Hotel Katong (worth S$680) + complimentary 1½ hours Lovescapade photo shoot (worth S$830)
4) 1 Night Stay in Premier Peranakan Room inclusive of breakfast for 2 people at Village Hotel Katong (worth S$710) + $100 discount voucher off Live Music Package
5) 1 Night Stay in Deluxe Room inclusive of breakfast for 2 people at Village Hotel Katong (worth $680)
6) S$588 discount voucher off full Wedding Planning Package
Complimentary 10 seconds animated “Save-the-date” video (worth S$280)
7) S$150 discount voucher off Wedding Favors Package

As Bluesheep Productions’ privileged guests, we are delighted to announce that we are offering the tickets at an exclusive price of $18/couple (U.P. $28). To qualify for this privilege, please send us an email at with both partners’ full names and contact numbers. Prior booking is required due to limited capacity.

For more information on the participating partners, please refer to [:

See you there!

a timeless bloom


chief meh meh [:


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