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mehh-rry christmas everyone!

it’s the time of the year for season’s greetings!

mehh-rry christmas!

mehh-rry christmas!

wishing one and all a blessed time of food, fun and fellowship with your loved ones, and may we all remember the reason for the season!


chief meh meh [:



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daniel and christiana’s express highlights

29 Nov 2014 was a really popular date for wedding couples in Singapore, and Daniel and Christiana were one of those who made the bold step to walk into marriage that day! [:

The couple’s holy matrimony at the church had a really huge turnout – all the pews were filled! Christiana’s dad is a pastor at the church and it was really meaningful to the couple to share their special day with the congregation that they had grown up with [: Trivia: Daniel proposed at the very same sanctuary during a youth camp with the participation of the other youths, so it’s clear that the people in the church are really dear to the couple!

Although chief meh meh couldn’t be there (she was shooting another lovely bride and her groom), the express highlights gave a really good recap of the day and we’re glad to hear from the couple that the guests enjoyed the video [:

Best wishes to Daniel and Christiana!

Cinematographers: Josiah and Joshua
Editor: Josiah
Music: A Million Years – Johnny Stimson (Licensed through The Music Bed)


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blessed anniversary to mr and mrs ye!

chief meh meh has been out the entire day, so we’ve only managed to post this now… but congrats to jeremy and jesline on their 1st anniversary!

chief meh meh is overjoyed to be able to celebrate yet another client’s 1st anniversary, and we hope the videos allow the couple to take time to remember the vows they made to each other [:

the pre-wedding film is one of my personal favourites, love the moments that are oh-so-random but oh-so-perfect <3

may there be many many more sweet anniversaries to come!


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looking for our next meh meh!

it’s been a busy, busy past few months for bluesheep (and next few months too!) so we’ve finally made a decision: WE ARE HIRING!
photo credits to melvin of multifolds photography

photo credits to melvin of multifolds photography

if you love capturing memories, fiddle with your DSLR/phone’s video function, hold back tears during weddings and think that it’s awesome to have a dynamic schedule, please drop chief meh meh tanya an email at with your resumé, expected salary, portfolio (if any) and a short write-up about why you want to be part of the bluesheep team.
these are some of the qualities we’re looking for (in no order of importance):
– cheerful
– meticulous
– willing to learn
– disciplined
– honest
– passionate
– initiative
training will be provided, even if you don’t know anything about videography [:
job scope:
– client liaison (responding to emails, meeting clients etc)
– video editing
– assist on shoots (eventually shooting as a secondary or main videographer)
– producing (writing scripts, site recce, sourcing for props/locations)
– anything else related to shooting and editing
– CPF contribution
– basic health insurance
– yearly team retreats (either in singapore or overseas)
– video/skills upgrading courses
– flexible work hours/work from home (after 3-month probation period)
– equipment provided (macbook pro to work on, DSLR to shoot with)
photo credits to joshua sim of the beautiful moment photography

photo credits to joshua sim of the beautiful moment photography

we look forward to hearing from future meh mehs!

p.s. please spread the word to anyone you think will fit into our team! we will be eternally grateful <3

– an excited chief meh meh [:
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alfred <3 yeanne

Alfred is one of the most enthusiastic grooms chief meh meh has seen – he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the gatecrash. Really happy for Yeanne that she has found someone who would go all out in winning her hand in marriage!

Chief meh meh was also really moved by Alfred and Yeanne’s personal vows for each other [‘: 7 years of courtship is not easy, and we’re glad to see that they’ve pulled through! They certainly complement each other – and they’re really blessed to be surrounded by close friends who have been through the journey with them.

Congrats again to Alfred and Yeanne on their new season in life!

Videographer: Tanya
Editor: Tanya
Music: Me + You – David Jonelis (Licensed through Triple Scoop Music), This Moment Now – Tyrone Wells (Licensed through Songfreedom)


chief meh meh [:


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