Alfred is one of the most enthusiastic grooms chief meh meh has seen – he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the gatecrash. Really happy for Yeanne that she has found someone who would go all out in winning her hand in marriage!

Chief meh meh was also really moved by Alfred and Yeanne’s personal vows for each other [‘: 7 years of courtship is not easy, and we’re glad to see that they’ve pulled through! They certainly complement each other – and they’re really blessed to be surrounded by close friends who have been through the journey with them.

Congrats again to Alfred and Yeanne on their new season in life!

Videographer: Tanya
Editor: Tanya
Music: Me + You – David Jonelis (Licensed through Triple Scoop Music), This Moment Now – Tyrone Wells (Licensed through Songfreedom)


chief meh meh [:


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