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Benjamin and Alicia’s Wedding – 7 Oct 2017!

Our business development meh-nager, Jansen, was groomsman for a wedding yesterday – and team Bluesheep had the privilege of capturing the memories as well!

After being a groomsman for more than 11 weddings, it was finally Benjamin’s turn to tie the knot 😁 Alicia is an awesome (accommodating) companion to Ben’s high energy and purpose-driven personality, and they were surrounded by friends who were clearly loved and impacted by them both individually and as a couple ❤

We are thankful to God that the weather was awesome during the wedding, even though it had been pouring the past few days!

Thanks Benjamin and Alicia for having us, being our close friends and also entrusting us with the videography for your big day. Love you guys lots and may you have a blessed union with days of heaven on earth!

P.S. Be fruitful and multiply! 😉


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Blessed 2nd anniversary Danny and Tabitha!

It’s been 2 years since chief meh meh’s last wedding shoot (before becoming a mother)! Thanks to Danny and Tabitha for making it a memorable one. It was a cosy and intimate wedding with the couple’s family and closest friends.

Time flies and we are happy to see the newlyweds become parents themselves [: Congrats and cheers to happy memories!


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Pokémon Pre-Wedding Gatecrash

Wei Boon and Ying Bing approached Bluesheep with the idea of having a Pokémon-themed gatecrash video. Having seen our past unique gatecrash videos for Chief Meh Meh+Biz Dev Meh-nager as well as James+Christian, they were very keen on having the bridal party dress up and enact a Pokémon face-off!

We are glad to say we pulled it off – complete with special appearances by some cute Pokémon characters [: Enjoy the video!


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lim hoon foundation video

the bluesheep team had the privilege of shooting and producing a video highlighting the awesome work by the lim hoon foundation. we are glad to be able to share how the foundation has impacted the lives of many students in need!

here’s the facebook video shared by andy, son of the founder mr john lim:

it was a really pleasant experience working with the staff and students. hope to see many more young ones benefitting from the foundation’s work!

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bluesheep wedding referral programme!

over the years, bluesheep’s business has come mainly from word-of-mouth – happy clients who recommend bluesheep’s services to their friends, who in turn refer us to more friends. as such, it’s about time that we reward our clients and friends for helping to keep bluesheep going. so here’s our new wedding referral programme!

the idea is simple – when YOU refer your friends to bluesheep’s wedding cinematography services, YOU are rewarded with up to S$300 in cinematography, shopping or grocery vouchers for EACH couple who engages bluesheep’s team for their wedding! there’s no limit to the number of vouchers you can redeem, just as long as you keep referring new clients to bluesheep [:

we’ve not forgotten the wedding couples either. if you’ve engaged bluesheep for your wedding, you can get bluesheep vouchers to use with your wedding package… perhaps even getting your wedding cinematography entirely FREE!

so don’t take our word for it – hear from some of our satisfied clients who engaged bluesheep down through the years!

have a mehh-rry day ahead,

biz dev meh-nager