Edmund and Karen serve actively in their church’s secondary school ministry, so it was little wonder that their celebration was filled with plenty of joy and laughter – thanks to the youth and the young at heart at their wedding!

Through the gatecrash, it was clear that the couple was very much loved by their friends – from the bridesmaids’ lovingly-prepared decor and ingredients, to the gungho-ness displayed by the groomsmen during the games.

Chief meh meh was also very touched to see the love that Edmund and Karen’s parents showered on them. Although chief meh meh was not available to shoot that day, the love was tangible even through the computer screen! [‘:

Thank you Edmund and Karen for the personal message and token when we delivered the video too! May the years ahead be sweeter and sweeter like wine [:

thanks edmund and karen for the sweet note and token! [:

thanks edmund and karen for the sweet note and token! [:

P.S. Due to copyright issues, chief meh meh had to edit a different version of the video using another song. Please pardon the super late upload!

Videographer: Shian Wen, Joshua
Editor: Tanya
Music: Just Takes A Little – Amy Stoup (Licensed through The Music Bed)


chief meh meh [:

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