elaine approached me a few weeks back to shoot her 21st birthday party. as she’s a friend of amanda, a photographer i know, i agreed despite the packed schedule i had because she was really very sweet in all the messages she sent me [:

when i met elaine for the first time at her party, what struck me was that in addition to her gorgeous features and sweet nature, she’s also very kind and thoughtful! throughout the birthday party, she was asking the photographer, adrian, and myself if we had food to eat and if we were all right [‘: this despite the many people who wanted the attention of the birthday girl!

i’m so glad to be able to witness her happiest moment of her life so far (as she stated emphatically during her birthday speech), with her surrounded by her closest friends and family!

do read more about the party and awesome sponsors at elaine’s blog here!

elaine, congrats on your 21st and it’s great knowing you! [:


chief meh meh [:

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