…but we’re finally publishing a new wedding video!

edmund + mandylyn are one of the wackiest couples i know – if you’ve seen their proposal video and express highlights, i dare say you’d have laughed, or at least smiled a few times throughout their videos [:

jokes and all aside, these two are also sincere and true to each other. edmund takes the time to date mandy every week, despite having been together for 8 blissful years O: mandy tolerates (and enjoys) edmund’s nonsense and they’re really a gorgeous and talented couple – they sing in their own wedding live band from time to time and having had the privilege to witness their performances firsthand, i must say you definitely should consider them if you’re looking for some live music for your wedding! trust me, i don’t get paid for saying this! just drop me an email at bluesheepsg@gmail.com if you’d like to find out more [:

i’m glad to call edmund and mandy my friends and having seen their journey from courtship, to engagement and now to marriage, i can’t wait to see their next season in life!



chief meh meh [:

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