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bluesheep loves putting a smile on people’s faces [: please contact bluesheep if you’d like the password for our private videos. mehhh!

thanks edmund and karen for the sweet note and token! [:

– Edmund and Karen

“I think I speak for both of us when I say, I never expected the process of producing this video to be so much fun! haha..It was great getting to know you and your team (Shian Wen & Sarah). Thank you for being so patient with us, all the NGs and the shoot that took almost 12 hrs! Thank you for helping recreate our memories from the past so that we can share them with our real kids in the future and when we’re old and our memories start to fail us, haha…*psst* you shd really help people do narration for their videos, you’re damn good at it! 🙂 “

– Jin Rong and Siew Yong

“Seb and i were very impressed from the first meeting where we had our (unusual) requests that strayed from the normal wedding videography package. We wanted a well wishes video that needed a lot more coordination from Tanya and it turned out so perfect! As we had another wedding just one week after the wedding in Singapore, we required the full highlights to be done within days so it could be shown in Spain and it was a hit! Not a dry eye in attendance and that speaks a lot of the talent of Tanya to choose the right moments to include in the video. Tanya also bothered to get to know our families (and boy do we have a lot of it) and our best friends to be able to piece together a beautiful video. (:

Tanya’s great work ethic was evident throughout, pre/during/after the wedding and we would definitely recommend her services to anyone! Blessings! (: “

– Sebastian and Sharon

“At the surface level, most would notice that wedding videos do not vary much – chronologically sequenced while capturing key moments, thereby interlacing it with music that creates an impact. Therefore, most may take the tedious work behind for granted.

Producing the video is iterative by nature, requiring communications between the couple and the videographer, matching up the couple’s expectations and concepts, and providing their own professional inputs.

Capturing key moments requires the videographers to be immersed in the couple’s shoes and hence be able to make the observations.

We were very satisfied with Bluesheep’s production, because of Tanya’s timely check-backs, invaluable inputs and the style of video; this clearly shows professionalism, creativity, thoughtfulness and good coordination.

If there is anyone else who are getting married, Bluesheep is without a doubt, the go-to videographer.”

– Jervoise and Shuqin

“Hi Tanya, Justin & I were so glad that you were referred to us for your services. We were very happy when you showed us your works during our first meeting and were even more pleasantly surprised with our wedding highlights video! Justin and I were especially touched when you went the extra mile and did more than what was agreed on our wedding day. Really love our wedding highlights and your advices towards picking the apt song for our video. Thank you for being part of our wedding and capturing all these precious moments for us to keep. We’ll definitely recommend bluesheep to all our friends & relatives. We know we are in good hands in both ways! thumbs up! 😀 “

– Justin and Wendy

“Thanks tanya for being part of our big day and contributing to the memory. We really appreciate your professionalism and good work, both you and Jonah. I’m glad we went with our instincts and decided on bluesheep! It’s all meant to be 🙂 Love the style that Tanya used to put together the moments. Very receptive to suggestions and requests, and good service. Thank you :)”

– Weifa and Shujun

“This is probably the most touching segment of my wedding. It was in fact, a very very lovely surprise from my dear friend and sister, Tanya Lai. Thank you for putting together this amazing video, which will constantly be a reminder of how beautiful our wedding day was, all because of the love of our cherished friends and family. Thank you, Tanya.”

– Edmund and Mandy

“Thank you Tanya Lai and Bluesheep Productions! You have been such a blessing to us. Thank you for being so so so so extremely thoughtful, for going the extra mile to sow into our lives. You really exceeded our expectations and it was a joy to have you be part of our wedding. =D THANK YOU!!!!! =D”

– Taurus and Jaslyn

“Thanks for shooting our wedding! We are really happy with the video and it is going to be such a precious memento to us in the years to come! It was such a joy working with you. During our pre-wedding discussions, you were conscientious, open to ideas and took great care in meeting our needs and requirements. On the wedding day, you were prompt, enthusiastic, energetic and was running around capturing the important footage. We couldn’t have found a more dedicated videographer! So thanks for the great job! 🙂 Blessings, Jin & Ren”

– Jinny and Renyi

“When we were sourcing for a videographer for our wedding, we ran into Tanya, an ex-student of mine. Despite being a fresh graduate from poly then, she definitely did a good job for our wedding! It was a beautiful video, and it brings us good memories of our wedding day every time we watch it. It has been a wonderful experience working with her. Thank you Tanya!”

– Shuyan and Benny