it was a joyous day when melvyn and his brother edmund both decided to engage bluesheep for their weddings [: having been part of edmund’s big day just a month before, there were many familiar faces at melvyn’s and jocelyn’s matrimony. beautiful decor, touching vows and spontaneous fun sums up the whole day [:

prior to the wedding, bluesheep also met up with the quirky couple to produce a simple video about their courtship, which helped chief meh meh to get to know the both of them better [: it’s always so pleasant when our wedding couples become our friends!

melvyn, jocelyn and chief meh meh!

melvyn, jocelyn and chief meh meh!

(photo credit to shawn seah photography. fb page here)

here are their full highlights, pre-wedding and save-the-date videos:



chief meh meh [:

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