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Quirky wedding videography is in demand these days, as more and more couples prefer to stand out from the crowd. From dressing in themed outfits with themed games, to couples starring in their own mini-movies, there are certainly lots of options for the couple who wants to make their wedding video one that will be talked about for years to come.


When it was Chief Meh Meh’s turn to get married, we decided on a themed gatecrash video that was held a few months in advance of the big day. Being a big fan of role-playing games, our Business Development Meh-nager Jansen wanted a medieval theme for the bridal party. The video featured the groom as a knight, and various groomsmen as a barbarian, mage, bard, monk, among others.



Another quirky wedding video that Bluesheep has been blessed to produce, is James and Christian’s gatecrash video. The couple wanted a Chinese emperor theme, and their bridal party were more than happy to go along with the quirky idea!


Wei Boon and Ying Bing approached Bluesheep with the idea of having a Pokémon-themed gatecrash video. Having seen our past unique gatecrash videos, they were very keen on having the bridal party dress up and enact a Pokémon face-off!

We are glad to say we pulled it off – complete with special appearances by some cute Pokémon characters [:



Jin Rong and Siew Yong were a couple that also engaged Bluesheep for their quirky wedding videography needs. They wanted a pre-wedding video with the “How I Met Your Mother” concept, telling their viewers the story of how they met, dated, got engaged and eventually got married.



If you are you looking for a quirky wedding videographer, look no further than the friendly team at Bluesheep Productions! Simply drop us an enquiry with your quirky wedding videography requirements, and we will get back to you as soon as we can [: