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our first animation!

bluesheep productions is proud to present our first animated video!

our talented part-time animator has just come on board, and depending on response.. we might be taking on more animation projects! who wants a pre-wedding animation? [:

be sure to “like” the OXY facebook page and if you have acne skin that affects you, do consider signing up for the OXY recovery challenge for a chance to win a pair of air tickets to hong kong!

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another one for the ladies (and some men)!

the weather has been rather PMS-ey these days! one moment it’s hot and humid, one moment it’s rainy… perhaps it’s time for bluesheep to get her wool trimmed so she won’t be sweating buckets everywhere she goes d:

if you’re experiencing an acne breakout because of the humidity (cue sad face), try this simple acne treatment mask with rosemary essential oil [:

if you like this mask, you can find more face mask recipes on facemaskbliss.com/! do also check out bluesheep’s avocado mask video here [:


chief meh meh <3

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