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jeremy and jesline’s wedding day – full highlights

it was not easy racking my brains, trying to figure out what i could say about jeremy and jesline. after almost a year of getting to know them, working with them and becoming friends, the best way that i can describe them is that their lives are truly reflections of God’s glory and grace.

from the start, jeremy and jesline were very sincere about making the pre-wedding video a show of God’s goodness and grace in their lives. it was one of our most exciting projects as we could really go all out with our creativity, and the journey was indeed marked by His favour – from the gorgeous weather, to the willingness of friends and family, the unspoken joy of the couple, even to the beautiful poetic text in the video. it’s such an honour to witness jeremy and jesline’s love for each other and most importantly, their passion for God, and this passion also translates into their devotion to their family and friends.

i love weddings because it’s the one day when emotions flow, where two imperfect individuals come together in a bold step of faith, to unite themselves as one in the midst of everyone dear to them. to see the laughter amidst the tears, and the trembling confession of love – it’s a privilege i get to experience at every wedding i shoot.

editing the video was not easy because i feel that the medium of video is never sufficient to capture enough of the emotions that play out in front of my lens. however, i hope my best effort will allow jeremy and jesline to look back on their wedding day with fondness and re-live at least a little bit of the joy and nervousness and surprise, even after the memories begin to fade.

if you have not, do check out their express highlights and pre-wedding video below (watch in HD!):

p.s. do check out our wedding showcase this sunday! more details here [:


chief meh meh

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mr and mrs ye’s express highlights [:

it’s barely 2 days since jeremy and jesline became man and wife, and the memories are still fresh in our minds [: chief meh meh is proud to have been part of this gorgeous AND sweet couple’s union and we’re pleased to share their express highlights video with you!

after more than a year of not editing express highlights (we usually assign it to the other meh mehs), chief meh meh decided to take up the challenge and we hope you like the end result [:

gatecrashing showed a different side to the usually quiet and reserved jeremy, but the sisters were merciful so he finally managed to receive his bride. the brothers played no small role though! chief meh meh was laughing herself silly while editing X:

we were super touched to receive a handwritten card that jeremy and jesline had prepared for us [‘:

hearts brimming with gratefulness for the love and appreciation shown by jeremy and jesline [':

hearts brimming with gratefulness for the love and appreciation shown by jeremy and jesline [‘:

thanks jeremy and jesline for being such a great couple to work with, and congrats on your marriage with Christ in the centre!

p.s. do look out for their pre-wedding video tomorrow! [:


chief meh meh [:

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