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2015 – year of the blue sheep!

we’re sure you’ve been inundated with mehh-ny sheepy puns, but… happy chinese n-ewe year! a few days late but since chinese new year has 15 days, guess we’re still in time [:

james christian

2015 is the year of the sheep, and what better way than to celebrate with a promo for our beloved clients and clients-to-be [: as with all things new, we’re also rolling out our brand new packages and we’d like to welcome the first 5 wedding couples who sign up using our new packages with…





15% off all packages!

jansen tanya ad

simply drop chief meh meh an enquiry here and tell us you want 15% off our new packages [:

alvin vanessa

we’ve also realised that plenty of our clients refer their friends to bluesheep, and we’d love to thank you with a special referral bonus of $50 off for every client you refer*. if your wedding is over, this referral bonus can be accumulated for future shoots – e.g. birthday, maternity, family shoots etc!

(*referred clients must engage bluesheep for either actual day wedding packages, pre-wedding packages, or both, and mention the referrer’s name upon enquiry. terms and conditions may apply.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 20.08.13

so what are you waiting for? come drop bluesheep an enquiry for your wedding cinematography!




chief meh meh [:

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hope renewed

This short film tells the true story of Mr Tan, a stroke survivor who was determined to make the most of his life against all odds.

hospital scene

hospital scene

When St Luke’s Hospital approached Bluesheep with the idea of the short film, we were hesitant, and yet excited. After all, this was the first short film we would produce – and coupled with a short timeline and an amateur cast, we wondered if it was a recipe for disaster (no offence to the cast!)

mr tan's "home" scene

mr tan’s “home” scene

However, challenges abound in life and we were ready to put ourselves to the test. With an inspiring main character like Mr Tan, how could we allow our doubts to paralyse us when he had proven that paralysis was but a minor obstacle? And so, we began a journey of self-discovery. As they say, your greatest enemy is yourself. Once we acknowledged that we were our biggest critics, we set out to prove ourselves wrong – that we could, indeed, produce a film that would touch and inspire many.

chief meh meh directing the cast (hospital scene)

chief meh meh directing the cast (hospital scene)

chief meh meh directing the cast (physio scene)

chief meh meh directing the cast (physio scene)

some lighthearted moments during the shoot!

some lighthearted moments during the shoot!

Over a period of two days, we abandoned our defences and did our best to capture the essence of Mr Tan’s story – and we must say we were blown away by the result! Not only was the cast much better than expected (especially Mr Tan who was really convincing in his acting), we managed to finish the shoot with plenty of time to spare.

cast and crew shot - chief meh meh brought extra crew shirts for our clients, jonathan and eva - just for laughs!

cast and crew shot – chief meh meh brought extra crew shirts for our clients, jonathan and eva – just for laughs!

trivia: mr tan forgot to bring an extra shirt for a scene, so we lent him a crew shirt d:

trivia: mr tan forgot to bring an extra shirt for a scene, so we lent him a crew shirt d: doesn’t he look awesome!?

of course we had to get a shot with mr tan in his bluesheep shirt too! [:

of course we had to get a shot with mr tan in his bluesheep shirt too! [:

Editing the film seemed to be the biggest challenge for chief meh meh. With the deadline looming, we had to edit quickly and yet not let the film look cheesy or oversimplified. We really have to thank our awesome clients at St Luke’s for the encouragement and their trust in us! It spurred us on as we did not want to disappoint them or Mr Tan.

The film was completed and screened at the Dymon Asia – St Luke’s Appeal Luncheon on 22 August 2014, and then again at several other fundraising events organised by St Luke’s. The last we heard, Mr Tan’s story was well-received and many generous donors contributed to help clients like Mr Tan find dignity and regain independence. [:

To us, that is a job well done.

Crew: Shian Wen, Tanya, Sarah
Editor: Tanya


chief meh meh <3

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throwback: bluesheep’s 1st birthday party!

throwback to bluesheep’s 1st birthday, 2 years ago [: sorry this video is so long in coming! but it brings back sweet sweet memories <3


chief meh meh [:

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love love forever

For Jerald and Judy’s wedding, the sisters wanted the groom and his brothers to sing a love song to the bride, while including the following phrases:

1) sweet pea pumpkin
2) honey pie sweetheart
3) darling daisy
4) love love forever
5) furry fairytales

The additional instructions were:
– not to break the phrases up
– to sing the full song
– have a guitar
– have dance moves that are boyband-worthy

We think Jerald and his groomsmen lived up to expectations [: They were so enthusiastic and performed not once, not twice, but a total of three times throughout the day! Bluesheep managed to capture the first two perfomances, and here’s the porch version!

Videographers: Tanya, Shian Wen
Editor: Tanya
Music: Love Love Forever (Cover of “As Long As You Love Me” by Backstreet Boys)



chief meh meh [:

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jeremy and jesline’s wedding day – full highlights

it was not easy racking my brains, trying to figure out what i could say about jeremy and jesline. after almost a year of getting to know them, working with them and becoming friends, the best way that i can describe them is that their lives are truly reflections of God’s glory and grace.

from the start, jeremy and jesline were very sincere about making the pre-wedding video a show of God’s goodness and grace in their lives. it was one of our most exciting projects as we could really go all out with our creativity, and the journey was indeed marked by His favour – from the gorgeous weather, to the willingness of friends and family, the unspoken joy of the couple, even to the beautiful poetic text in the video. it’s such an honour to witness jeremy and jesline’s love for each other and most importantly, their passion for God, and this passion also translates into their devotion to their family and friends.

i love weddings because it’s the one day when emotions flow, where two imperfect individuals come together in a bold step of faith, to unite themselves as one in the midst of everyone dear to them. to see the laughter amidst the tears, and the trembling confession of love – it’s a privilege i get to experience at every wedding i shoot.

editing the video was not easy because i feel that the medium of video is never sufficient to capture enough of the emotions that play out in front of my lens. however, i hope my best effort will allow jeremy and jesline to look back on their wedding day with fondness and re-live at least a little bit of the joy and nervousness and surprise, even after the memories begin to fade.

if you have not, do check out their express highlights and pre-wedding video below (watch in HD!):

p.s. do check out our wedding showcase this sunday! more details here [:


chief meh meh

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