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weifa and shujun’s testimonial!

thanks to weifa and shujun for their lovely testimonial!

“Thanks tanya for being part of our big day and contributing to the memory. We really appreciate your professionalism and good work, both you and Jonah. I’m glad we went with our instincts and decided on bluesheep! It’s all meant to be 🙂 Love the style that Tanya used to put together the moments. Very receptive to suggestions and requests, and good service. Thank you :)”


encouraging words and constructive feedback from clients keep bluesheep going! [:



chief meh meh [:

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happy birthday singapore!

happy birthday singapore!!!

happy birthday singapore!


as a little birthday gift, bluesheep would like to present taurus and jaslyn’s wedding highlights!

taurus and jaslyn’s wedding was one of the most emotional ones bluesheep has attended so far. the day was filled with much joy and tears. bluesheep cried buckets watching the final video [‘: taurus is really sweet!

behind-the-scenes photos as usual!

jonah, from blink photography, in action!

dawn breaking

no entry (yet)

sabo time!

beautiful decor by yoshie and team!

joy [:

flowers adorning the aisle

confetti to bless the couple with!

bride’s angpow box – love it!

lovin’ the groom’s angpow box too!

beautiful pre-wedding photos [:

“give thanks to the Lord for He is good”

best wishes for the couple as they start their journey together!

nothing like worshipping God as husband and wife [:

decor for the dinner

simply wowed by the creativity of the decor team [:

preparing for the march-in!

venue for the dinner banquet

no idea what this is, but it’s yummy!

i liked the toilet sign [: hehe

memento for bluesheep!

editing in progress!

this had bluesheep laughing mehhh-rrily while editing [:

hope you enjoyed the video [: enjoy the rest of your holiday!



chief meh meh [:

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