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christine’s 3rd birthday!


this is quite long overdue, but in honour of little christine’s birthday in a few hours, here’s the video of her party from last year!

mickey and minnie were a hit, as were the balloons and dora cupcakes!

just a bit of trivia: chief meh meh actually shot this on the same day as weifa and shujun’s wedding (see the previous post) last year, during the break between the morning festivities and dinner [:

enjoy the fun and laughter!



chief meh meh [:

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jj’s birthday party!

bluesheep shot a video for jj, a very blessed 4-year-old boy, earlier this year.¬†after several months, bluesheep was finally able to publish the video after delivering the dvds last week, as jj’s parents are very busy ]: as a rule of thumb (if sheep have thumbs), bluesheep only publishes videos after delivery and/or with approval from clients [:

face painting, caricature, magic show, a huge angry birds birthday cake in an angry birds-themed party – what more could a little boy ask for? [:

it was such a joy to see jj laugh as he watched the video. seeing his face made bluesheep filled with so much contentment to have made a little boy’s day! jj’s mum was also very sweet with her compliments on the video [: truly there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve played a part in capturing memories that will last a lifetime [:

inflatable castle 1!

inflatable castle 2.. outdoors because it’s too big!

special mention to welles tan, the ambidextrous caricaturist and silhouette artist at the party. he gave bluesheep a memento from the party too!

welles at work

the whole silhouette is cut in one motion!


hope bluesheep has more opportunities to shoot birthday parties in the future! [:


chief meh meh

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