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daniel and christiana’s express highlights

29 Nov 2014 was a really popular date for wedding couples in Singapore, and Daniel and Christiana were one of those who made the bold step to walk into marriage that day! [:

The couple’s holy matrimony at the church had a really huge turnout – all the pews were filled! Christiana’s dad is a pastor at the church and it was really meaningful to the couple to share their special day with the congregation that they had grown up with [: Trivia: Daniel proposed at the very same sanctuary during a youth camp with the participation of the other youths, so it’s clear that the people in the church are really dear to the couple!

Although chief meh meh couldn’t be there (she was shooting another lovely bride and her groom), the express highlights gave a really good recap of the day and we’re glad to hear from the couple that the guests enjoyed the video [:

Best wishes to Daniel and Christiana!

Cinematographers: Josiah and Joshua
Editor: Josiah
Music: A Million Years – Johnny Stimson (Licensed through The Music Bed)


chief meh meh [:

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blessed 1st anniversary to sebastian and sharon!

in the blink of an eye, it’s one year already! chief meh meh still can’t forget the rush of emotions this wedding brought, 365 days ago [‘:

beautiful couple, with beautiful hearts <3 <3

congrats seb and sharon!


chief meh meh [:

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jerald <3 judy

Jerald and Judy’s engagement came as a very welcome piece of news for chief meh meh [: There’s really nothing like celebrating a personal friend’s union and having the privilege of being in the thick of the action, participating in one of the biggest days of a good friend’s life [:

The groom is a twin, and one can only imagine the bittersweet emotions that Jerald’s twin, Jeremy, must have felt in seeing his brother get married. After spending their lives together from womb to wedding, Jeremy’s speech seemed to echo a tinge of longing mingled with joy and pride for his brother’s new season of life with his beloved [‘:

Jerald and Judy both have hearts of gold. As a youth leader in church previously, the wedding was attended by many who were impacted by Judy’s love and leadership. Several of these youths volunteered their time and effort to set up the decor for the wedding. The reception area was also filled with photos of the people in Jerald and Judy’s lives, and it was great to see people’s faces light up as they spotted their own photos [:

Jerald is a long-time supporter of Dream Center (dreamcenter.org/) and instead of giving favours to the guests, he made a decision to donate to the center on behalf of the guests [: What a meaningful idea!

Chief meh meh is indeed blessed to know such a warm and generous couple and call them friends [: Blessed marriage Mr and Mrs Chan!

P.S.  Blessed birthday Judy! [:

Videographers: Tanya, Shian Wen
Editor: Tanya
Music: The First Time – Michael Castro, You Are Mine feat Spencer Combs and Holley Maher – Secret Nation (Licensed through The Music Bed)


chief meh meh [:

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edmund loves karen

Edmund and Karen serve actively in their church’s secondary school ministry, so it was little wonder that their celebration was filled with plenty of joy and laughter – thanks to the youth and the young at heart at their wedding!

Through the gatecrash, it was clear that the couple was very much loved by their friends – from the bridesmaids’ lovingly-prepared decor and ingredients, to the gungho-ness displayed by the groomsmen during the games.

Chief meh meh was also very touched to see the love that Edmund and Karen’s parents showered on them. Although chief meh meh was not available to shoot that day, the love was tangible even through the computer screen! [‘:

Thank you Edmund and Karen for the personal message and token when we delivered the video too! May the years ahead be sweeter and sweeter like wine [:

thanks edmund and karen for the sweet note and token! [:

thanks edmund and karen for the sweet note and token! [:

P.S. Due to copyright issues, chief meh meh had to edit a different version of the video using another song. Please pardon the super late upload!

Videographer: Shian Wen, Joshua
Editor: Tanya
Music: Just Takes A Little – Amy Stoup (Licensed through The Music Bed)


chief meh meh [:

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happy birthday singapore!

happy birthday singapore!!!

happy birthday singapore!


as a little birthday gift, bluesheep would like to present taurus and jaslyn’s wedding highlights!

taurus and jaslyn’s wedding was one of the most emotional ones bluesheep has attended so far. the day was filled with much joy and tears. bluesheep cried buckets watching the final video [‘: taurus is really sweet!

behind-the-scenes photos as usual!

jonah, from blink photography, in action!

dawn breaking

no entry (yet)

sabo time!

beautiful decor by yoshie and team!

joy [:

flowers adorning the aisle

confetti to bless the couple with!

bride’s angpow box – love it!

lovin’ the groom’s angpow box too!

beautiful pre-wedding photos [:

“give thanks to the Lord for He is good”

best wishes for the couple as they start their journey together!

nothing like worshipping God as husband and wife [:

decor for the dinner

simply wowed by the creativity of the decor team [:

preparing for the march-in!

venue for the dinner banquet

no idea what this is, but it’s yummy!

i liked the toilet sign [: hehe

memento for bluesheep!

editing in progress!

this had bluesheep laughing mehhh-rrily while editing [:

hope you enjoyed the video [: enjoy the rest of your holiday!



chief meh meh [:

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