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our first animation!

bluesheep productions is proud to present our first animated video!

our talented part-time animator has just come on board, and depending on response.. we might be taking on more animation projects! who wants a pre-wedding animation? [:

be sure to “like” the OXY facebook page and if you have acne skin that affects you, do consider signing up for the OXY recovery challenge for a chance to win a pair of air tickets to hong kong!

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happy 1st birthday bluesheep!

mehhhh-rry baaaaa-rthday bluesheep! [:

it’s a hap-hap-happy day for bluesheep! against the odds, she has survived 366 days (2012 was a leap year!) with many ups and downs. there were both happy and sad tears, but through it all, bluesheep has made it from a wee lamb to a real sheep (fun fact: sheep are considered adults once they hit 6-8 months of age)!

if you’d like to celebrate with bluesheep, do head on over to bluesheep’s facebook page¬†and “like” the page! bluesheep looooves making friends!

also, as part of the birthday celebrations, bluesheep is collaborating with multifolds photography for a vehhhh-ry special promo!

win free videography+photography services! [:

so what are you waiting for? hop on over to facebooknow!

with lots of love,

chief meh meh [:

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