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blessed new year!

blessed (belated) new year! it’s been a great 2012 but 2013 will be our best year yet [:

to kick start the year, here’s bluesheep’s last 2012 wedding for your viewing pleasure!



decor at their new home!

decor at their new home!

spot chief meh meh!

spot chief meh meh!

marked with favour

marked with favour

singing for the bride

singing for the bride

handpainted mailbox

handpainted mailbox

two are better than one

two are better than one

jd 7

holy matrimony decor

stage decor

stage decor

bluesheep's crew grabbing a bite

bluesheep’s crew grabbing a bite

life-size standee of the couple!

life-size standee of the couple!

well-wishes for the couple!

well-wishes for the couple!



chief meh meh [:

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jonathan and yixin’s wedding

it’s been exciting times for bluesheep – she’s turning ONE tomorrow and major shoots are around the corner! as such, there hasn’t been much time to mehh in this blog as much as bluesheep would like to.. just in case you missed the previous blog post, bluesheep is having a special facebook promo in collaboration with multifolds photography! you stand to win $1,000 worth of videography and photography services when you “like” both pages, and “like” + share the promo poster. in the meantime, do enjoy jonathan and yixin’s express highlights!


chinese traditions [: still haven’t found out what all the items symbolise though..

light be!

cute bedsheets help you sleep better. hehe.

wedding lamps

wedding sticker

ronald from drinktea photography goes all out to get the shot!

checking the shot..

ronald risking his life.. (click to enlarge!)

photobooth fun!

cool angpow box!



memento for bluesheep!

credits to ronald from drinktea photography!

do make friends with bluesheep on facebook and share the promo with your friends! [:


chief meh meh [:

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jun hong and candy’s wedding

pardon the lack of updates! bluesheep has been really busy with some exciting projects [:

here’s a wedding bluesheep shot a few months ago:

jun hong and candy are a simple but sweet couple. they and their families were very hospitable to bluesheep, with lots of food throughout the wedding day! specially love the muffin that candy’s sister baked. soooo yummy!


breakfast at the groom’s place [:

traditional calendar!


mickey and minnie joining in the celebration!

candy’s friendly dog was in different outfits throughout the day!

morning tea at candy’s place – with the yummy muffin!

cute pillowcase for the groom..

..and for the bride

sweet quote [:

it’s all in the details!

mr & mrs lim [:

the generous couple sponsored a lucky draw for their guests!

met a few school friends at their wedding, all of whom are cousins of either jun hong or candy. what a small world! anthony here is candy’s cousin!

thanks for allowing me to be part of your big day! [:

lastly, bluesheep is turning one soon [: YAY!!!!! do look out for more news about how you can be included in the celebrations!


chief meh meh

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jj’s birthday party!

bluesheep shot a video for jj, a very blessed 4-year-old boy, earlier this year. after several months, bluesheep was finally able to publish the video after delivering the dvds last week, as jj’s parents are very busy ]: as a rule of thumb (if sheep have thumbs), bluesheep only publishes videos after delivery and/or with approval from clients [:

face painting, caricature, magic show, a huge angry birds birthday cake in an angry birds-themed party – what more could a little boy ask for? [:

it was such a joy to see jj laugh as he watched the video. seeing his face made bluesheep filled with so much contentment to have made a little boy’s day! jj’s mum was also very sweet with her compliments on the video [: truly there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve played a part in capturing memories that will last a lifetime [:

inflatable castle 1!

inflatable castle 2.. outdoors because it’s too big!

special mention to welles tan, the ambidextrous caricaturist and silhouette artist at the party. he gave bluesheep a memento from the party too!

welles at work

the whole silhouette is cut in one motion!


hope bluesheep has more opportunities to shoot birthday parties in the future! [:


chief meh meh

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happy birthday singapore!

happy birthday singapore!!!

happy birthday singapore!


as a little birthday gift, bluesheep would like to present taurus and jaslyn’s wedding highlights!

taurus and jaslyn’s wedding was one of the most emotional ones bluesheep has attended so far. the day was filled with much joy and tears. bluesheep cried buckets watching the final video [‘: taurus is really sweet!

behind-the-scenes photos as usual!

jonah, from blink photography, in action!

dawn breaking

no entry (yet)

sabo time!

beautiful decor by yoshie and team!

joy [:

flowers adorning the aisle

confetti to bless the couple with!

bride’s angpow box – love it!

lovin’ the groom’s angpow box too!

beautiful pre-wedding photos [:

“give thanks to the Lord for He is good”

best wishes for the couple as they start their journey together!

nothing like worshipping God as husband and wife [:

decor for the dinner

simply wowed by the creativity of the decor team [:

preparing for the march-in!

venue for the dinner banquet

no idea what this is, but it’s yummy!

i liked the toilet sign [: hehe

memento for bluesheep!

editing in progress!

this had bluesheep laughing mehhh-rrily while editing [:

hope you enjoyed the video [: enjoy the rest of your holiday!



chief meh meh [:

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