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happy 1st anniversary joseph and salan!

time flies! it’s been a year (and two days) since joseph and salan’s wedding! the past one year has been really awesome for the both of them and they’re now proud parents to lovely twin boys [:

here’s wishing both of you many many more years of blessed marriage and parenthood!


chief meh meh [:

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feeling the love!

bluesheep just got approval from a very happy groom to publish his full highlights video! had a minor tweak to the video and it’s finally done [: thanks joseph, bluesheep is feeling the love!

’nuff said. let the video do the talking!


chief meh meh [:

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joseph and salan’s blessed wedding!

bluesheep was blessed to be invited to joseph and salan’s wedding last saturday, 12 may 2012! it was awesome to see how dependent the couple was on Jesus. from the morning prayer salan said for her sisters and laying her hands on them to anoint them, to the groom leading all the believers in partaking of the holy communion, to the tangible presence of God during praise & worship and the holy matrimony… bluesheep could truly see God’s hand at work at the wedding. it was the couple’s desire for all their guests and helpers to be blessed by the wedding, and boy was bluesheep blessed! instead of feeling tired at the end of the dinner, bluesheep felt strangely refreshed [:


and… here’s the express highlights video! watch in full screen and HD for the best effect [:

do share the video and like our facebook page if you like what you see!


as always, here’s one of my favourite parts about shooting a wedding – behind-the-scenes photos!

great pre-wedding shots by chris ling!

gung-ho groom and brothers d:

blind leading the blind?

keeping Jesus in the centre of their marriage [:

i’m biased but.. this is one of the nicest cars anyone could ever have!

cheeky groom deserves a little slap d:


the couple with their faithful sisters!

cute bedsheets.. hehe!

the groom’s brother painstakingly stuck the $2 bills one by one with blu-tack.. looks impressive huh!

the mighty man and the chosen one [; love the customised tees!

the wedding gown [:

there’s nothing like worshipping Daddy God together [:

joseph & salan, 12 may 2012 [:

the bluesheep crew is really really blessed by both of them! [:



chief meh meh <3

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