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lady mojo collection 2: dress me up

ladymojo’s 2nd collection!

if you haven’t seen the video for collection 1, do check it out here!

visit ladymojo to get your beauty fix [:

behind-the-scenes iphone photos from our 2 shoots:

lunch before shoot!

make up by kat midori [:

colours!! love the bright palette

mid-afternoon boost!

the funny things photographers do.

in action at ion


touch-up by kat

kat, mel and bob

12 cupcakes!


yummy red velvet [:

more updates from bluesheep soon!



chief meh meh [:

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ladymojo launched!

check out bluesheep’s latest project!

it was the first time meh meh had a chance to tag along on a blogshop shoot and it was a pretty interesting experience [:


at first the skies were threatening, so we were forced to shoot indoors. thank God the rain cleared soon enough and we were able to shoot in the sun! do take a look at ladymojo‘s website if you’re interested in beach-themed accessories, as well as melissa celestine koh’s blog about the shoot [:


behind-the-scenes video coming up when bluesheep is a little less busy!



chief meh meh [:

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