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christine’s 3rd birthday!


this is quite long overdue, but in honour of little christine’s birthday in a few hours, here’s the video of her party from last year!

mickey and minnie were a hit, as were the balloons and dora cupcakes!

just a bit of trivia: chief meh meh actually shot this on the same day as weifa and shujun’s wedding (see the previous post) last year, during the break between the morning festivities and dinner [:

enjoy the fun and laughter!



chief meh meh [:

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jun hong and candy’s wedding

pardon the lack of updates! bluesheep has been really busy with some exciting projects [:

here’s a wedding bluesheep shot a few months ago:

jun hong and candy are a simple but sweet couple. they and their families were very hospitable to bluesheep, with lots of food throughout the wedding day! specially love the muffin that candy’s sister baked. soooo yummy!


breakfast at the groom’s place [:

traditional calendar!


mickey and minnie joining in the celebration!

candy’s friendly dog was in different outfits throughout the day!

morning tea at candy’s place – with the yummy muffin!

cute pillowcase for the groom..

..and for the bride

sweet quote [:

it’s all in the details!

mr & mrs lim [:

the generous couple sponsored a lucky draw for their guests!

met a few school friends at their wedding, all of whom are cousins of either jun hong or candy. what a small world! anthony here is candy’s cousin!

thanks for allowing me to be part of your big day! [:

lastly, bluesheep is turning one soon [: YAY!!!!! do look out for more news about how you can be included in the celebrations!


chief meh meh

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bluesheep’s first wedding video is up!

take a look at bluesheep’s express highlights for david and hui ee’s wedding (20/11/2011) here! bluesheep had 24 hours to edit the video and managed to squeeze in 6 hours of sleep [:

after editing the video, bluesheep went to her cousin’s wedding and another genius cousin made these as gifts for the bride and groom.

balloon sculptures made by frederick lai from party connection! do contact him if you’ll require magic, balloon, clown or party entertainment services [:

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