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Chief Meh Meh’s Wedding! (Express Highlights)

After witnessing and having the privilege to shoot for so many weddings, it’s finally Chief Meh Meh’s turn! The preparations leading up to the big day were not easy – with 12 shoots in the 10 weeks before the wedding, plus a new intern and several meetings added to the mix, it was certainly a high-peak season for Bluesheep. Thanks to our clients for being so understanding even when it was really close to their deadlines, and for allowing Chief Meh Meh time off to plan her wedding!

Being in front of the camera is not easy, so Chief Meh Meh has a newfound understanding of how clients feel with a camera in their faces d; We hope this experience will help us make it easier for our future wedding couples to feel more at ease on their special day!

Cinematographers: Shian Wen, David, Sharon
Editor: Shian Wen
Music: Be With You – Michael Castro (Licensed through The Music Bed)


Chief Meh Meh [:

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Emperor+Princess: James and Christian’s Gatecrash

James and Christian are worship leaders in a church of more than 30,000, yet they are really down-to-earth and sincere people. When Chief Meh Meh first got to know them, she was struck by how FUNNY they were (especially James).

So it came as no surprise when they took up Chief Meh Meh’s suggestion to hold their gatecrash on a separate day, 2+ months before their wedding, and told her they had decided on a Chinese emperor theme. The couple and their friends played their parts well and they are the most gungho bunch we have ever come across!

You might recognise some of James and Christian’s friends – couples who held their weddings with Bluesheep [: It’s really fun when even us cinematographers can banter along with the brothers and sisters!

Congrats again to James and Christian – you guys will definitely have loads of fun in your marriage!

Chief Meh Meh

Cinematographers: Tanya and Shian Wen
Editor: Tanya
Music: On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons (Licensed through Songfreedom.com)

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chief meh meh got married!

please pardon the lack of responses and updates because… chief meh meh got married over the weekend!

we’ll be uploading more wedding films and responding to emails once we’re back from our break tomorrow evening [:

jt wedding profile pic

thanks for your patience, and we wish you lots of love and happiness! <3

chief meh meh [:

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alfred <3 yeanne

Alfred is one of the most enthusiastic grooms chief meh meh has seen – he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the gatecrash. Really happy for Yeanne that she has found someone who would go all out in winning her hand in marriage!

Chief meh meh was also really moved by Alfred and Yeanne’s personal vows for each other [‘: 7 years of courtship is not easy, and we’re glad to see that they’ve pulled through! They certainly complement each other – and they’re really blessed to be surrounded by close friends who have been through the journey with them.

Congrats again to Alfred and Yeanne on their new season in life!

Videographer: Tanya
Editor: Tanya
Music: Me + You – David Jonelis (Licensed through Triple Scoop Music), This Moment Now – Tyrone Wells (Licensed through Songfreedom)


chief meh meh [:


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happy 2nd anniversary to weifa and shujun!

happy anniversary to weifa and shujun! this easy-going couple was one of the first few to give bluesheep a vote of confidence when we were just 6 months old. chief meh meh met them in may 2012 and they decided on the spot to engage bluesheep for their wedding in december 2012!

chief meh meh remembers vividly what an eventful day it was – after shooting weifa and shujun’s morning festivities, chief meh meh rushed down to shoot a little girl’s 3rd birthday party before heading back to sentosa to shoot the couple’s solemnisation and dinner banquet. it was tiring yet fruitful, and chief meh meh would have it no other way [:

really glad to be able to keep in touch with our clients over facebook, and this couple is no exception [: it makes chief meh meh happy to see her clients enjoying married life and we hope to be there to shoot their next milestone!

p.s. special thanks to jonah of blink photography (now all aflutter) for referring weifa and shujun to bluesheep!


chief meh meh [:

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