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jervoise and shuqin’s testimonial [:

thank you jervoise and shuqin for this very sincere testimonial! [‘:

“At the surface level, most would notice that wedding videos do not vary much – chronologically sequenced while capturing key moments, thereby interlacing it with music that creates an impact. Therefore, most may take the tedious work behind for granted.

Producing the video is iterative by nature, requiring communications between the couple and the videographer, matching up the couple’s expectations and concepts, and providing their own professional inputs.

Capturing key moments requires the videographers to be immersed in the couple’s shoes and hence be able to make the observations.

We were very satisfied with Bluesheep’s production, because of Tanya’s timely check-backs, invaluable inputs and the style of video; this clearly shows professionalism, creativity, thoughtfulness and good coordination.

If there is anyone else who are getting married, Bluesheep is without a doubt, the go-to videographer.”

– Jervoise and Shuqin


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jervoise and shuqin’s wedding

jervoise and shuqin’s wedding was memorable for many reasons – it was the first time we used a crane (albeit a mini one) for a wedding shoot, it coincided with bluesheep’s first wedding fair (the wedding village at suntec), and shuqin was the sister of one of bluesheep’s first ever clients (watch shuyan and benny’s video here), way before bluesheep was registered officially.

one thing that struck chief meh meh was the really sweet relationship between shuqin and her mum – they may not be showy about their love for each other, but bystanders could definitely feel some tugging at the heartstrings when tears rolled down the cheeks of both mother and daughter during the tea ceremony. chief meh meh had to discreetly wipe away her tears while shooting and re-compose herself. during the editing process, the video reignited the memories and chief meh meh had to pause a few times to give it a good cry [‘:

with genuine laughter and joyful tears, this wedding definitely was one to remember!

didn’t take many behind-the-scenes photos, but here we go:


morning clouds

morning clouds

memories for keepsake...

memories for keepsake…

..and again

..and again

haze alert! (actually it's just the smoke machine, plus shian wen goofing around...)

haze alert! (actually it’s just the smoke machine, plus shian wen goofing around with an n95 mask…)

bluesheep crew with the newlyweds and our past clients - the sisters and their husbands! [:

bluesheep crew with the newlyweds and our past clients – the sisters and their husbands! [:


chief meh meh [:

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