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10/11/12, two years on.

happy 2nd anniversary to my 10/11/12 couple, edmund + mandy!

many moons have passed and i’m sure it’s been a faith-filled journey for both of you [: cheers!

november is a happy month for bluesheep – plenty of couples’ anniversaries to celebrate! including bluesheep’s own birthday [: speaking of which, our birthday promo is still on!

bluesheep turns 3!

bluesheep turns 3!

lotsa love from chief meh meh! <3

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happy 1st anniversary to darren and alison!

congrats to darren and alison on crossing your first year as a wedded couple! the next few years can only get better [:


chief meh meh [:

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blessed 1st anniversary to sebastian and sharon!

in the blink of an eye, it’s one year already! chief meh meh still can’t forget the rush of emotions this wedding brought, 365 days ago [‘:

beautiful couple, with beautiful hearts <3 <3

congrats seb and sharon!


chief meh meh [:

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dr and mrs ernest fu – one of the most loving couples we know!

Dr Ernest Fu and Jenna were one of the most loving couples that chief meh meh had the privilege of meeting in her career [‘: Team Bluesheep had a great time getting to know them during their pre-wedding shoot and on the actual wedding day, and they’re some of the most sincere people we had the pleasure of knowing.

Ernest and Jenna sealed their promises to each other in front of their nearest and dearest during the solemnisation, and there was no doubt that they meant every word they said. The presence of their love was really strong and tangible!

Apart from being genuinely friendly and kind people, they’re also really gifted! Ernest dedicated a song to Jenna at the dinner banquet, and the couple walked in serenading their guests with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” during their second march in. Jenna then played the grand piano – proving that she’s not just gorgeous and kind, but she’s also talented [:

The day ended with humorous yet heartfelt speeches by the couple. The new Dr and Mrs Fu are generous and courteous and it’s no wonder why they’re so dearly loved by everyone in attendance.

Having spent about 24 hours of their most precious memories together with Ernest and Jenna, chief meh meh noticed the little gestures that speak volumes about how much they care for each other – a reassuring hand on the arm, knowing looks and quick nods as they communicate to each other without words [‘:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/93481602 w=500&h=281]

Do also check out their Pre-Wedding and Express Highlights videos:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/87033359 w=500&h=281]

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/87371275 w=500&h=281]

Wishing Dr and Mrs Ernest Fu the greatest bliss in their marriage! [:


chief meh meh [:

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blessed 2nd anniversary to taurus and jaslyn!

celebrating taurus and jaslyn’s blessed 2nd anniversary!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/46924876 w=500&h=281]

love this quirky and funny couple, can’t help laughing (and crying tears of joy) when i watch their video!

congrats guys, and may your marriage be like water turned into the sweetest wine!


chief meh meh [:

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the look in your eyes – ernest and jenna’s pre-wedding

Ernest and Jenna approached us, wanting to do a pre-wedding video to narrate their love story. Although they were quite apprehensive of the camera at first, they eventually warmed up and we’re really pleased with the result [:

It’s not easy to be vulnerable with your emotions especially in front of the camera, but Ernest and Jenna’s chemistry and their ease with each other, allowed our team to really appreciate (and even be envious) of their mutual affection.

The shoot was a memorable one – with noisy grasscutters during the interview, serene waters at Punggol Waterway, pesky mosquitoes (sorry guys!) and chief meh meh’s newfound love for Sushi Tei (thanks Jenna)!

Congrats again on your marriage and I’m sure it’ll be a blissful one!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/87033359 w=500&h=281]

also, it happens to be Jenna’s birthday today! happy birthday Jenna! [:



chief meh meh [:

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ernest and jenna’s express highlights

we had the privilege to cover the wedding of dr ernest fu and his wife jenna over the weekend! although the morning was pretty low-key with a simple gatecrashing, it was one of the really memorable weddings we had because the couple is just so so super sweet and their parents are really friendly and hospitable too [‘: even while i was rushing to edit the express highlights, they kept asking to make sure we had eaten and ernest even apologised for not preparing a spot for me to edit (he even switched the fan on for me)! despite being a doctor, he’s a very humble and friendly one!

jenna is really photogenic and i just love her laugh! i can’t think of any other adjective apart from “sweet” to describe her (so i googled and found “endearing”) but she’s just a really pleasant personality [:

the beautiful paper flowers at the start of the video were made by @thelittlemill, do check them out on instagram! [;

prior to the wedding, we had the pleasure of shooting a pre-wedding video for them and we got to know them better through the interviews. it was pretty emotional towards the end and it’s just so heartening to know they were able to be vulnerable with us [‘: will be sharing that video soon!

p.s. and because of them, i am now hooked to sushi tei! haha!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/87371275 w=500&h=281]


chief meh meh

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darren and alison’s wedding!

darren and alison are a couple that chief meh meh served with in church, for 2 youth camps. so when a good friend of alison approached chief meh meh to bless the couple with wedding videography, chief meh meh jumped at the chance! it was quite a last-min assignment (confirmation just 3 days before the wedding!) but we were elated to have the date still available!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/83964581 w=500&h=281]

alison loves her hello kitty and darren loves.. alison [: the promises darren made outside alison’s room door were filled with lots of tender love (which of course includes buying her hello kitty!) and it made all the brothers’ and sisters’ hearts melt just witnessing the love between the couple [‘:

the holy matrimony and dinner speeches were also supercharged with emotion – i believe not a few packets of tissue were used up that day! d:

a side note – the gorgeous wedding decor was done up by the couple’s friends, with haylee from adorninglory as the creative mastermind behind the beautiful setup. check out her facebook page here and take a look at her post on the wedding as well!

congrats darren and alison on your union and may the love between both of you grow sweeter each day! may Jesus continue to be the glue that holds you together!


chief meh meh [:

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sebastian and sharon’s wedding

we’ve got a special treat for you today.. two videos in one post! [:

sebastian and sharon approached chief meh meh soon after seb proposed. as he was posted to work in dublin a few weeks after, the responsibility fell on sharon to plan most of the wedding details on her own. she’s one of the most independent and secure brides i know, busying herself with wedding planning despite juggling a long-distance relationship with her fiancé in the crucial months leading up to the wedding.

seb and sharon wanted a video featuring their friends and family, to be played during the wedding lunch. as seb’s family is from france and spain, chief meh meh liaised with seb’s mum, sylvie, to coordinate the recording of the interviews and translation of the well-wishes from his friends and relatives overseas. we also met up with sharon’s family and friends, as well as seb’s singapore friends, to capture their thoughts and best wishes for the couple [: this allowed chief meh meh to learn more about them and the dynamics of their relationship, though we wish we had time to get to know them personally.

the very first time the couple watched the video was during the wedding itself, as they wanted it to be a surprise! the moment seb’s grandparents appeared on the screen, he broke down into tears [‘: chief meh meh could hardly contain the tears that were threatening to spill as well.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/77804748 w=500&h=281]

the wedding itself was a simple yet beautiful ceremony. it was an intimate affair with just over a hundred of the people most dear to seb and sharon [: by the end of the lunch reception, there were scarcely any dry eyes due to the touching vows and speeches!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/77829990 w=500&h=281]

thank you, seb and sharon, for this awesome testimonial!

“Seb and i were very impressed from the first meeting where we had our (unusual) requests that strayed from the normal wedding videography package. We wanted a well wishes video that needed a lot more coordination from Tanya and it turned out so perfect! As we had another wedding just one week after the wedding in Singapore, we required the full highlights to be done within days so it could be shown in Spain and it was a hit! Not a dry eye in attendance and that speaks a lot of the talent of Tanya to choose the right moments to include in the video. Tanya also bothered to get to know our families (and boy do we have a lot of it) and our best friends to be able to piece together a beautiful video. (:

Tanya’s great work ethic was evident throughout, pre/during/after the wedding and we would definitely recommend her services to anyone! Blessings! (: ”

– Sebastian and Sharon

grab your tissue and enjoy the videos!


chief meh meh [:

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happy 1st anniversary weifa and shujun!

wow, time flies and it’s 365 days since weifa and shujun married in a very emotional ceremony at shangri-la sentosa! i remember the day vividly as the couple could barely finish their vows without choking on tears. chief meh meh doubled up as tissue-supplier for shujun and all the guests were clearly touched by the solemnisation [‘:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/61959233 w=500&h=281]

do check out their very sincere testimonial here [:

here’s wishing mr and mrs hon a blessed and blissful marriage for the rest of eternity!


chief meh meh [:

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