terence and wei ting were referred by a good friend of chief meh meh, melvin from multifolds photography. as evidenced by the fun indian powder shoot melvin had done prior to the wedding, the couple sure knows how to have fun!

wei ting is a real sunshine girl and terence is blessed to have her! she was laughing throughout the wedding and unlike most brides, she’s one of the most relaxed (probably because they had their solemnisation already so they’re very comfortable with each other!) it’s so easy to capture her happy moments! [:

terence is a REALLLLY good singer. when we heard him sing during their second march in, all of us were stunned because he sounds like he should be on the radio! so sweet for wei ting to be serenaded by a husband who sings! [:

hope you enjoy their full wedding highlights! [:


chief meh meh [:

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