wedding videos

take a look at some of the weddings bluesheep has been invited to! watch in full screen and HD for best effect [: for more videos, drop bluesheep a note here!


8 thoughts on “wedding videos

  1. Clara Faith says:

    love it! :)

  2. Stacey says:

    so sweet! :)

  3. kg says:

    1 of david wedding bro here! congrats on the first stepping stone!

  4. xinying says:

    Hi. im looking for a videographer to do my wedding gatecrash on sunday, 15 nov. Will you be available? May I know the rates as well?

    Xin Ying

    • bluesheepsgorg says:

      hi xin ying,

      i’ve dropped you an email! please have a look [:

      chief meh meh [:

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